Soho Voices

Uma Jackson

Uma Jackson

PLAYING AGE: 25 to 40
CHARACTERISTICS: Warm, Smooth, Adaptable


Uma is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. She trained in acting and directing at Bangkok Chulalongkorn University and has worked in Thailand as a professional actor and director prior to completing her MA in performance at Goldsmiths, University of London.

She has a diverse range of character voices and her voice is described as warm with a smooth tone as well as being fun, fresh and adaptable.

Uma has recorded for the drama feature film, THE IMPOSSIBLE. She was also the voice of various characters in BBC and HBO’s television mini‐series, TSUNAMI‐THE AFTERMATH and the STAR WARS animatics.

Uma has recorded a character voice for one of JAMES BOND computer games, BLOODSTONE. She was the voice for numerous corporate works for clients such as DHL, SHELL, TESCO LOTUS,

Her voiceover works for adverts include MASTERCARD and PAYPAL and she has also recorded voiceover for Airline inflight passenger announcements for OMAN AIR and EDELWEISS AIR.

As well as working as an actress and voice over artist, Uma was also a language director for a SHELL training video project. She also worked as a voice director & casting director for GOOGLE’s voice commands (GOOGLE ASSISTANT) project in the UK and Thailand.

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