Soho Voices

Robert Pollock

Robert Pollock

LANGUAGE: American
CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Conversational, Deep, Gravitas, Reassuring, Unique


Born in Chicago, Robert relocated to Seattle in 1977. He then left America in 1998 for Saudi Arabia. He has worked in the media as a Director and Cinematographer since the 1970s. Since returning full-time to the UK in 2012, Robert has been running his own businesses, a specialty gift shop and an art gallery which features his fine art photography. He also has a small film production company, Harbourside Films. Some of his recent International Voiceover clients include: Milwaukee Power Tools (Div. of Black & Decker), McCoys Crisps (product launch), ShimTech Industries (Aerospace products, 3 films to date) and Dynacast (Die casting & Injection moulding).

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