Soho Voices

Remi Rachuba

Remi Rachuba

PLAYING AGE: 25 to 35
CHARACTERISTICS: Conversational, Cool, Upbeat


Remi, a native Pole, graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since graduation, he has performed in a few dreamthinkspeak’s productions e.g. …Before I Sleep’, …The Rest is Silence’, …In the Beginning was the End’ and …Absent’. He has also performed in …The Builders’ at the Traverse Theatre and toured with a T.I.E production of …Pinocchio’. He has been selected to participate in the Berlinale Talent Campus at the Berlin International Film Festival. Recently, Remi has performed in a Katie Mitchell’s production of …Lucia di Lammermoor’ at the Royal Opera House. He has also been working on his bilingual solo-show titled …The Visitor’, shortlisted in the BBC Writer’s Room 12 and for 2013 Adrian Pagan Playwriting Award.

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