Soho Voices

Fiona Rene

Fiona Rene


PLAYING AGE: 18 to 30
LANGUAGE: American
CHARACTERISTICS: Comical, Conversational, Cool, Friendly, Quirky, Reassuring, Unique, Upbeat, Urban, Warm


Fiona’s passion began in the theatre and over the years she has enjoyed a variety of professional experiences by acting in TV commercials, theatre productions and films including Grease, Bob the Builder LIVE, Tartuffe, and Snatch n’ Grab. Fiona also has spent the past 9 years acting and directing other actors at haunted houses and scare attractions around the world. She has worked as a commercial voice over artist for companies such as Durex, Trivago, Unilever and Dove as well as provided character voices for video games and cartoons such as Magrunner, QUBE and many more.

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