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Divi Mittal

Divi Mittal

CHARACTERISTICS: Vivacious, Bubbly and Warm


Divi is a vivacious 8 year old, who has a passion for reading, music and getting maximum number of academic merits. Currently a Form 3 student at the City of London School for Girls, Divi is multi lingual, being fluent in English and Hindi, whilst learning Spanish and French. As rated by her teachers, her reading comprehension and her emotional intelligence is a few years ahead of her age.

Divi is also pursuing Stagecoach school of theatre to develop her creative pursuits further. We believe she has a natural knack of expressing emotions (like love and anger)  that is unmatched in kids of her age. 

Divi very confidently leads devotional songs at weekly ‘satsangs’ (get togethers) that happen within our community. She has also had the opportunity to act in a TV commercial for the Union Bank of India, an experience she describes as a lot of fun!

Divi now has plans to start her own youtube channel to spread awareness and mobilise support with children her own age towards various socially and environmentally relevant causes.

Divi recently voiced a radio campaign for Land Rover Discovery.


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