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  • Dai Tabuchi

    Dai Tabuchi

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    PLAYING AGE: 25 to 40 LANGUAGE: Japanese, CHARACTERISTICS: Comical, Conversational, Cool, Reassuring
  • Leighton Sharpe

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    PLAYING AGE: 21 to 40 LANGUAGE: Australian CHARACTERISTICS: Conversational, Cool, Reassuring, Upbeat
  • Dan Skili

    Dan Skili

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 45 LANGUAGE: Danish CHARACTERISTICS: Cool, Friendly, Warm
  • Kanako Nakano

    Kanako Nakano

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    PLAYING AGE: 20 to 30 LANGUAGE: Japanese CHARACTERISTICS: Clear, Bright, Gentle, Calm, Sweet, Warm, Friendly
  • Kornelia Froloshka

    Kornelia Froloshka

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    PLAYING AGE: 25 to 45
    LANGUAGE: Bulgarian
    CHARACTERISTICS: Cool, Friendly, Reassuring, Warm
  • Michael Hulzmann

    Michael Hulzmann

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 45
    LANGUAGE: German
    CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Comical, Conversational, Cool, Reassuring

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