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Our ‘Funny Guy’ Nigel had quite the tour!

Our ‘Funny Guy’ Nigel had quite the tour!

Our American in Britain Nigel Barber has been touring the UK with the fabulous Funny Girl for the past few months. Has that stopped him from doing voiceover work? Not likely!

Nigel has been able to fit in a great number of jobs while he’s been away, experiencing the delightful voiceover studios in Bristol, Plymouth, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham to name but a few along the way!

We’d love to know if another Voiceover Artist can claim to have visited as many studios all across the UK in as short a space of time! Let us know if you can top Nigel – but of course, you’ll need photographic proof! Thanks to Nigel’s twitter for all these wonderful snaps!

What a busy American!



Nigels Tour UK


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