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‘Today I Live’ featuring Richard Cotton!

Can desire transcend time?

A man and a woman living centuries apart in the same flat gradually become aware of one another. This mysterious sexual charge permeates their work and their sleep, driving them to distraction and inspiration.

In 2017, Niaz, a British-Iranian artist seeks refuge to unravel which elements of her current crisis are existential and which are marital. In 1821, Michael, an Irish mapmaker, is scarred by the Napoleonic wars, his new solitary life a temporary shield from the shadows of his Dublin past.

As the walls between Michael and Niaz crumble, ghosts long-forgotten find their way home.


richard cotton


As part of the 10-day RADA festival this summer, our very own Richard Cotton (Fab Shack Productions) has been working alongside Writer Susan-Jane Harrison, and Director Delyth Jones, to produce ‘Today I Live‘, a baffling yet profound play in which Richard stars as Michael, the Irish Mapmaker.

Catch Richard at one of the following performances at the GBS (George Bernard Shaw) Theatre:

Thu 23 Jun, 7:15 pm;
Sat 25 Jun 4:15 pm;
Tue 28 Jun, 7.15 pm;
Wed 29 Jun, 9:15 pm;
Thu 30 Jun, 2:15 pm;
Sat 02 Jul, 2:15 pm

£12/£6 concession
Watch the trailer here

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