Soho Voices

Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas

PLAYING AGE: 45 to 60
LANGUAGE: American,
CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Comical, Deep, Gravitas, Reassuring, Unique


Sam Douglas is a British-American actor best known for playing Rosebud in Snatch, King Herod in The Bible miniseries for the History Channel and voicing Scott Shelby in the Playstation 3 video game Heavy Rain. Sam was a member of the Actors Space in New York under Alan Langdon and has a BFA in Acting / Directing from Simpson College, Iowa and the University of Oklahoma Drama School, USA. His film appearances include Batman, Fight and Revenge, The Fifth Element, Eyes Wide Shut, Derailed, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Colombiana and much more. Sam has appeared in over 100 film and TV productions, as well as much more theatre production around the globe.

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