Soho Voices

Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan

PLAYING AGE: 45 to 60
CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Deep, Gravitas, Unique


Richard Vaughan is a broadcaster, programme maker and voice artist. He has worked with BBC TV and BBC Radio 4, Radio 2, and Radio London, presenting (and reporting) across the whole spectrum, from CelebrityMusic shows, through Arts and Travel, to Breakfast Current Affairs programmes. He’s also presented for LBC; and voiced International News feeds for APTN. He’s provided a swathe of live Sports Commentaries for Eurosport, BBC, ESPN, and the IOC. He’s written and directed Documentaries for BBC, ITV and Channel 4. He wrote and narrated 80 Gold Medallist videos for the International Olympic Committee. Cinema and TV commercials include BT, Pirelli, Samsung, Head Tennis Rackets, and Jameson Whisky. Promos include Eurosport, Channel 4, BT Sport, Sky, Radio 1. Discovery. Docs/Narration include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Eurosport, APTN; and three series of …Seconds from Disaster’ for National Geographic. Corporate work includes The World Economic Forum; the IOC; and M& G Investments.

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