Soho Voices

Pierre Maubouche

Pierre Maubouche


PLAYING AGE: 30 to 55
CHARACTERISTICS: Comical, Cool, Deep, Reassuring


Pierre Maubouche has been a professional full time VO since the early 90s, both in the UK and in France. He works in both French and English. His tone is warm, reassuring, caring, natural, engaging and convincing and he can easily switch to sounding more current and trendy or deliver a sexy, deep, gritty or grainy voice. His commercial clients include Apple, McDonalds, Dell, Xbox, Kellogg’s, BMW, Sony, Asics, Renault, Dell, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Artois, General Electric, HP, Versace, Heineken, Suzuki, Polaroid, Kleenex, Levi’s, Visa, Kikkoman_ In fact it’s hard to find a Fortune 500 company for which he has not lent his voice. Of course he has voiced a copious amount of explainers, internet promos and corporate videos ) in the thousands and counting. Also in his portfolio: continuity voice for Discovery Channel France and ESPN France, promo voice for MTV, National Geographic Channel, CNN, Cartoon Network, Sky Sports, Bloomberg_ Pierre has also voiced several award-winning games such as Metal Gear Solid, Guitar Hero, Heavenly Sword, MotoGP, Colin McRae Rally 2 to name a few. His character work extends to ADR/dubbing for such movies as The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, Hotel Rwanda, Kingdom Of Heaven, Munich, Troy, Master & Commander, Shooting Dogs and Vanity Fair.

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