Soho Voices

Jack Nuttall

Jack Nuttall

PLAYING AGE: 12 – 14


Jack Nuttall is a young actor currently appearing in the multiple-award-winning play “The Ferryman” (directed by Sam Mendes & written by Jez Butterworth) at the Gielgud Theatre in the West End of London.  He is one of only two actors in the production to be doing the entire 12-month West End run.

 Although English, Jack has perfected the Irish accent (with a specific Derry dialect) for the play.  He has been highly praised by audiences, his co-stars and directors for his performance.

 Growing up in Buckinghamshire, Jack usually speaks with a fairly well-spoken non-regional / Home Counties English accent, but can pick up accents quickly – he’s adaptable, and a very good mimic. 

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