Soho Voices

Bhavnisha Parmar

Bhavnisha Parmar

PLAYING AGE: 20 to 30
CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Confident, Conversational, Cool, Friendly, Reassuring, Upbeat, Warm, Youthful


Bhavnisha is an actress and voice over artist best known for her work in the award winning comedy series Brothers With No Game. As well as web series Darren Has a Breakdown and online drama Aami and Frank playing opposite Ricci Harnett. Other screen credits include the BBC, Sony, Samsung, War Child and To Die For (Cannes).

Behind the mic, Bhavnisha has a warm, reassuring and conversational tone with a touch of youthful intelligence. She has worked with companies globally and locally such as Expedia, Philips, DPD, Nokia, Vodaphone, Tata, the BBC, Audible India, Goldman Sachs, Royal Mail and BlackBaud (US). These have included Commercials, Animations, Films, Audiobooks, VR Technologies and Documentaries. Bhavnisha is currently working on an a new children’s animation to be released in the summer this year.

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