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  • Maragaux Billard

    Margaux Billard

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    BASED IN FRANCE PLAYING AGE: 20 to 30 LANGUAGE: French CHARACTERISTICS: Cool, Friendly, Upbeat, Classy, Seductive
  • Saskia Bosch

    Saskia Bosch

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    PLAYING AGE: 35 to 50 LANGUAGE: Dutch CHARACTERISTICS: Warm and Reassuring
  • Radek Boschetty

    Radek Boschetty

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    PLAYING AGE: 40 to 50
    LANGUAGE: Czech
    CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Conversational, Cool
  • Ines Boughanmi - Soho Voices

    Ines Boughanmi

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    PLAYING AGE: 35 to 55 LANGUAGE: French CHARACTERISTICS: Conversational, Friendly, Warm
  • Urbano Carvelli

    Urbano Carvelli

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    BASED IN BONN, GERMANY PLAYING AGE: 31 to 55 LANGUAGE: Central or South American, Brazilian, Portuguese CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Reassuring, Urban
  • Denise Cassar

    Denise Cassar

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    PLAYING AGE: 35 to 45
    LANGUAGE: South African
    CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly, Unique
  • Cody Choi

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    PLAYING AGE: 20 to 30 LANGUAGE: Chinese, Cantonese CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly, Upbeat, Reassuring
  • Angelo Cola

    Angelo Cola

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 55 LANGUAGE: Italian CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Comical, Conversational, Reassuring
  • Stephane Cornicard

    Stephane Cornicard

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 50
    LANGUAGE: French
    CHARACTERISTICS: Comical, Conversational, Cool, Reassuring
  • Claudia Coulter

    Claudia Coulter

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 40 LANGUAGE: Argentinian CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Cool, Gravitas, Reassuring, Upbeat, Warm
  • JD’Almeida Pinheiro

    JD’Almeida Pinheiro

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    PLAYING AGE: 30 to 50 LANGUAGE: Portuguese CHARACTERISTICS: Reassuring
  • Gergo Danka

    Gergo Danka

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    PLAYING AGE: 16 to 40
    LANGUAGE: Hungarian
    CHARACTERISTICS: Authoritative, Conversational, Reassuring

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